Rooftop Cop Download For Pc Compressed

Rooftop Cop Download For Pc Compressed

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About This Game

A world of Police that have forgotten what, and why, they are policing.

Rooftop Cop is a collection of five endless vignette games and a 7-track album. The games are set on a loose metaphysical timeline in which the Cops slowly lose their way.
Each of the five parts is quite different, and varies in theme from environmental terror, to manic industry, to a sort of darkly aloof joy. The companion album is included, and contains more than just the music from the games. (See instructions below on where to find the music after download!)



I: A Proud History -- balance collecting citations with an abstract deficit, looking for tiny crimes

II: Capture the Flag, for One -- find and return the flag in an environment that does not have you in mind

III: The Datamines -- endlessly collect "evidence" from apartments, find places to stash it before you are crushed under its weight

IV: God Bles Everyone -- amass junk and expand your raft as you drift through a flooded city

V: Palace of the Organizer -- play in the sand, check the fax machine, and re-arrange sticks on a soothing dystopian beach



To access the album:
- Right-click 'Rooftop Cop' in Steam Library
- Properties
- 'Local Files' tab
- 'Browse Local Files'
- There is a zip file! b4d347fde0

Title: Rooftop Cop
Genre: Indie
S. L. Clark
Release Date: 2 Mar, 2015


This game is a sham. Please Youtube a 'let's play' of Rooftop Cop before buying.. I personaly very much enjoyed, still enjoy I'll admit, these five mini-games that compose Rooftop Cop. Why for me is simmilar to my enjoyment of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast.

Both, at least to me, represent a subjective puzzle in which the player attempts to solve their lore, history, and story of how those systems(typically made of characters, objects, ideas) function in themselfs plus their interaction with one another- allowing you the player to project and stitch together the narrative: Through the five vignette* games you're given a vague picture where by its narrative evolution depends upon the lenses one analyzes it with.

Perhaps my comparriosn to WtNV sheds off here in that within its own meduim, you are not driving the ship, when unlike video games there's the epectation for direct and explicit rewards from effort; input then fallows personally impactful output. More so, if being someone who holds the epectation of a fully air-tight complete story [or general dislike for making "narrative hypothesis" and self constructed story connections], that's not what Rooftop Cop provides.

It's a impromptu for you to fill in the gaps of the story; and, that's why I compare it to WtNV becuase that radio-podcast is the same in that both are subjective to your intrpetation, yet in WtNV progresses without imput. I mean beyond playing it and fallowed by listeing to it, WtNV progresses wither or not you've individually given its aspects thought.

Meanwhile with Rooftop Cop because its a video game I can see the un-ideal prospect of its mechanics being more of an obstacle; over that of additional layer for promoting contemplation, at least of the subjective story it evokes in each of us. _Side note, on that subject Idea Channel created a video in relation of 'Mechanics vs Nerrative' linked:\/watch?v=RsybY6dcXAQ\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_1\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=RsybY6dcXAQ<\/a>
if interested.

Anyways, I enjoy the mechanics for they reminded me of the feeling of being placed in a foreign realm who's operations, traditions, and social norms differ from my own, hence [for me, implying] in order to begin to understand I ought be observant plus alongside employ experiential thought processes, and to extent; I think says upfront that this void of hand-holding, which several games do typically, is done intentionally. Fallowing the analogy just set-up, not every culture is catered, and sometimes there's fun figuing it our for yourself.

And so if that's your thing, maybe you'll enjoy these five vignette* games.

* "a brief evocative description, account, or episode."
_ "a small illustration or portrait photograph that fades into its background without a definite border"

Have a great day
By the way,
Either way you try it or not.
; ). An unsettling buzz, a breaking of sunset through the fuzzy scanlines pulsating through the glow of the screen. Right away the title screen for Rooftop Cops is of a metaphysical order and not a concept we can grasp with our own hands. It's a world and a mental state that exists in already crowded and chaotic headspaces, but it is also oddly calming.

Yes, Rooftop Cop is as strange as it sounds, a collection of 5 seemingly unrelated scenarios with different metaphorical consequences accompanied by some incredible soundscapes and ambient shiftings echoing through your ears and exiting through your soul. The games are confusing, they are slow-burning in progression but that only lends itself to the incredibly strange and disjointed narrative presented. It's not something you play for "fun", but as a meditative space for thought.

If you don't like games that cause you to think or contemplate, avoid this. If you prefer having your hand held and all of your thoughts served to you on a silver platter then by all means go play one of the thousands of generic action games already on Steam, but if you're willing to dedicate your headspace to a different train of thought, to a form of art with a bit more meaning than just 'video games' then this is one surreal trip worth taking. Close-minded people need not apply.. You're joking right?

It's a collection of 5 minigames that don't teach you anything, don't give you direction, and are boring. 4 of them at least, there's at least one game dropping through floors that is semi interesting at first, but loses interest rather quickly. This is doing it's hardest to be an "art" piece, but it's a game that at 4-5 bucks you shouldn't even take an interest in.

For a quick run down and gameplay footage: http:\/\/\/M-4efyFiPUg<\/a>. This game truly is the lowest a developer can go asking for money.

It's a game where you play 5 small mini games, non of which makes any sense, non of which explains themselves.

I'd expect to find this on a indie forum from a developer exploring themselves, exploring what they'd eventually want to make, this being a collection of their first ever small little funny projects.
I would never expect to find this on Steam for 4.15$.

Truly shows how terrible the Greenlight system is, how little Valve cares about what gets on their platform as long as it makes Valve just 1 cent it's welcome on Steam!

And the developer should feel embarrassed asking 4$ for this piece of junk.

Please, whatever you do, do not spend money on this.
Not only is it a terrible game<\/i>, but you shouldn't give this developer anything.

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