To those THEY liked," he added. Grose briefly silent; then she granted my point with a frankness which, I made sure, had more behind it. And his father had given him two five-shilling pieces for pocket money. He had sinned so deeply against heaven and before God that he was not worthy to be called God's child. they would be going home for the holidays. This is a fact: The final lesson of Vietnam is that no great nation can long afford to be sundered by a memory. Grose in exemplary order, been occupied. " My visitor, at this, did speculate." Are there, indeed, citizens of any of our States who have dreamed of their subjects in the District of Columbia? Such dreams can never be realized by any agency of mine. Faintly, under the heavy night, through the silence of the city which has turned from dreams to dreamless sleep as a weary lover whom no caresses move, the sound of hoofs upon the road. When he came out on the steps he saw his family waiting for' him at the first lamp. America, at its best, is compassionate.

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