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Small Sister is a game about a contest: "living in a house with strangers". The goal is to gain as many points as you can by interacting with other contestants and to be the winner at the end. You must gain enough points in order to avoid being on the last two place on the points table. Your interactions are limited, so think carefully and plan your strategy based on the skills you've chosen. The winner of the day gets the right to send one of the last two contestants. If you are willing to shape the community, your aim must be to win each day. As a reward for being the winner, you get a satisfaction of sending someone you don't like.

Every single interaction has a consequence and the time is limited. Every single interaction changes your situation. Some of them more, some of them less. Some choices lead you irreparable and bad consequences. Some choices lead you amazing consequences.

You don't have to follow the exact route to stay in the house. You don't have to be the winner of a day. You can support a contestant to make them win. You can convince a potential winner to send others. You can make a good relationship with a potential winner so they don't send you. You can disunite people so they gain fewer points. So many possibilities.

There are so many things to do that it is impossible to discover everything the first time. You will want to play again to see more.

Every single contestant has a dynamic relationship with others. Each one is trackable and changes in real time.

You may think that the NPCs are doing their stuff on their own and do not care about you. Well, you're wrong. They're not that stupid. So, be careful.

There are 4 types of skills, one of them is unique. Skills add depth to the game and add more variety to nonlinearity. At the start, spend available skill points on 4 types of skills. Improve them in the game as you like. d859598525

Title: Small Sister
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Proximity Games
Proximity Games
Release Date: 15 Aug, 2018


The title of this game should get all owners placed on a watchlist, but this is just an odd attempt to make a Big Brother game that feels more like if The Sims 1 was worked on for two days and then released. I thought it would be fun to make fun of but it's so slow and lacking that even that is difficult. The game couldn't even track the first hour I spent on it, and I had to relaunch it to be able to write this review, informing all of my Steam friends that "SirLagsalott is now playing Small Sister".

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