Small Town Terrors: Livingston Download] [License]

Small Town Terrors: Livingston Download] [License]

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About This Game

Ever taken a wrong turn on a car trip? A bad sense of direction should not turn into something so dire. In an instant, there's a bad accident. You awaken from a coma to the scene of a living nightmare. The hospital is a dreadful place that looks like it does more harm to patients than good. Even worse, your family is nowhere to be found.

Flesh-Eating Zombies

Proceed with caution as you venture through an apocalyptic atmosphere. Sinister forces hide beneath the shadows and danger lurks around every turn. The local residents have all transformed into flesh-eating zombies. Our heroine must find her husband and daughter and escape before they all succumb to the horrible fate befalling Livingston.

State of Chaos

The entire town is in a state of chaos. Crazed zombies appear to be on the loose. Small Town Terrors: Livingston is not a game for the faint of heart…

Stop the Horror

You must uncover the cause of the evil and find your family before it's too late. Bit by bit, piece together what happened in this terrifying tale. Search for your family; uncover the horror that has corrupted nearly every living thing and fight to escape with your life.


Explore abandoned buildings and search for helpful items as you try to piece together what has happened to the town. Find your family before all is lost! From beginning to end, you will be mesmerized by the zombie-dominated storyline and its advanced hidden object puzzle adventure game features.

  • Explore a town plagued with zombies
  • Uncover mysterious evil
  • Find your missing family
  • Spooky original score sets the mood

Title: Small Town Terrors: Livingston
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Gunnar Games
Viva Media
Release Date: 18 Jan, 2016


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This was a mixed bag. There were things I liked, as others have said, like the health system, however:

+ Good level of difficulty for hidden object scenes
+ Complicated scene interactions

- No voice acting
- low graphics quality - including no full-screen mode
- Short with no bonus material (took me under 3 hours)
- Map serves no purpose as cannot fast travel and locations not labelled

Only worth playing if you get on major sale. It's not so bad I would discourage you from playing it completely but it's not good enough to actively recommend.. An interesting little puzzle game with a cool mechanic of having to build up your strength to progress. Hidden object scenes and puzzles are generally easy with two or three puzzles that take a bit of effort to solve. Music is nice and moody. Story is reasonably interesting. Visuals are nice. Expect around 3.5 hours of gameplay.. Really enjoyed this game. It can be completed in less than 3 hours. No glitches that I encountered. Only downside was there was no fast travel...which is always a plus. Hidden object scenes were better than a lot out there, there wasn't any obvious objects that made the HO aspect too easy. Good plot, a few jump scares...overall a good game.. Standard fare, with some unique (but hardly a worth a breath) puzzles. The healh meter is an interesting bit but it's really just more object hunting. The game is really hampered down by bad item logic and an uninteresting story. The zombies are nothing more than background noise and have no influence whatsoever and there's really nothing to uncover that you won't know/understand in the first 20 minutes,. One of the best HOG I've ever played. Bought it in the sale, and well worth it, even at full price.

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