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About This Game

Take command of a vast interstellar empire and safeguard your species from total extinction in a procedurally generated 3D galaxy (with the option to flatten it) from 1 System to 10,000+! Prove your species' ingenuity through a deep and intricate combat system where anything (from individual components on ships to the stars themselves) is a target of opportunity.

Twist other Empires into submitting to your galaxy-class wit with diplomacy and wheel-and-deal your way to supremacy.

Research new kinds of weapons, engines, shields, and more, all of which retain their unique benefits as the game progresses, with a research web whose contents are shuffled every game at your option.

Exploit interstellar phenomena such as asteroid belts and stars and exploit them for yourself or destroy them to deny your foes. Create and destroy new worlds through advanced technological research.

Match your strategy against up to 10 other opponents (online or LAN-linked). Save the game when dawn breaks and boot it back up at dusk. It isn't over until you say it is! Drop in and drop out at any point; disconnecting players will not disrupt the game!

Your weapons, your ships, your rules: Almost the entire game can be modified through Notepad! Easily add new models and particle effects to the game with “out-of-the-box” developer tools. Create new weapons in seconds; create new AIs through scripts! The Galaxy is yours!

Key features:
  • Vast, Procedurally Generated Galaxies
  • Intricate Ship Design and Exciting Combat
  • Unique Research System
  • Race Creation
  • Easy to use interface, complex gameplay
  • Engaging AI opponents
  • Extensive modding support
  • Multiplayer
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Much more to come!

Title: Star Ruler
Genre: Indie, Strategy
Blind Mind Studios
Blind Mind Studios
Release Date: 20 Sep, 2010


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Star Ruler is the perfect example of an indie diamond in the rough. The core realtime 4x gameplay gives you a ton of freedom and ship design is fun and open, while the game progresses to eventually become really hectic. The customization and stuff isn't overdone to the point of being spergy like in some of these types of games. However, the game is pretty graphically poor, there being only two visually distinct sets of ship designs and everything being sort of par for the course budget indie space game graphics. The studio seems tiny though so can't really fault em that. A bigger issue is that the gameplay tends to degenerate into walling off a section of the map well enough that the AI can't bust through easily, and then beelining a ship of such a large scale none of the AIs can deal with it as it blows up planet and sun after planet and sun. The basic resource gameplay is realtime resource chain management sort of similar to Anno games, at which the AI has perfect micro - the difficulty setting seems to be what bonuses they get, and I couldn't find a difficulty at which I could have a back-and-forth fight with the AIs. Either I would crush them outright, fight them to a stalemate then win after two hours of turtling like outlined above, or get totally♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ This game seems to have a lot of potential for multiplayer but there ain't nobody playin this obscure♥♥♥♥♥indie pile lol. With more dynamic and varied AI this could be great. The sequel will be something to look forward to, though I gotta say an expansion fixing some of this would be better, first.

It's a recommend if you dig stuff like Endless Space and Sins of a Solar Empire with a dash of Anno and a pinch of autism mixed in, then all the polish knocked off. Game runs perfectly, no crashes or freezes, take some time to understand how to play but plenty of youtube videos around to help and the manual is good too. I believe this game is better than Distant Worlds Universe, much better value, better graphics and more fun. options are limitless in what you can do. Great value for money, highly recommended!. Nice "pocket" 4x game. Pure resource and reseach management. Perfect for "one evening session". Very good ship design and AI system (really best i seen, but i do not seen many).. Jogo muito interessante. Muito mesmo. Há muitas possibilidades devido à aleatoriedade da criação dos sistemas solares. Recomendo fortemente.. 25 Hours in I still can't play it well, I get pounded into dust by the AI, and I can't manage my Empire.

...and it's all so damn fun.

The level of control you have (including ship design) is way beyond what I hoped. Quite an indie surprise!. One of the most enjoyable 4x genre games I've ever played. Highly moddable too and worth the full price. Definitely far more than worth the summer sale price. deep game with a very very difficult learning curve.
complex but satisfiyng, give it a try if you like strategy games

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