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About This Game

Strange Telephone is a 2D adventure game in which the player explores strange worlds created with merely 6 digits, and has multiple endings.

The protagonist Jill is 5d3b920ae0

Title: Strange Telephone
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
HZ3 Software
Release Date: 21 Jan, 2019

English,Japanese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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Seems to be a paraphrase of Yume Nikki but with zero atmosphere or purpose. The gameplay is just the player warping into tiny little maps about the size of the game window; and you walk a second to the left or right to jump to a new map. The maps are filled with specific environmental assets which either give items or require items to trigger something else. So it's just one big item fetch quest. Once the initial wonder wears off, it's just a chore of taking whatever item to whatever thing to trigger whatever code to get a new item to do it all over again with but now on a different random thing. There's no story or anything, and the environments are just kind of inane pseudo-surreal whatever the developer could come up with. The music and designs of the environments are alright, but since each environment is literally only the size of your screen and you constantly are jumping between them; there's zero room for atmosphere or immersion. Because you are constantly leaping to completely difference scenes with no thematic correlation. It's slow too, the triggers on starting to walk and interacting with anything has a small delay on it. If you need to find a specific asset you just have to dial until a map with it comes up on the preview. Wandering around, using every item you have on every single thing since you have no idea what kind of combination it could make. Some of them are logical while others are not. There's nothing interesting to read, there's no meaning to any of the worlds or items. And there's no gameplay of any kind it's just collecting then using items. There is just no sense of purpose to the world or passion in its design, this game just seems to exclusively exist as a shallow paraphrase of Yume Nikki. It feels like a paraphrase of Yume Nikki but meant for children. I cannot say that I gained a single thing from playing this; it doesn't have any gameplay so it's not really fun, it doesn't have a story or artistic vision to the world so it wasn't meaningful, and there's no cohesion to the different worlds so it wasn't even immersive. I wandered around for awhile, and it didn't take long before I had seen almost every map type. Then it just became me wandering back and forth between areas I have found, using items on things trying to get some kind of reaction. Until I just got bored and stopped. I got nothing out of playing this, the hour I spent on it might as well have not existed at all.. A lovely adventure into a dream world. Though not without its flaws (e.g. it feels almost inevitable that the player will end up brute forcing some item combinations or rooms), the peculiar environments and scenarios had me wanting more after it was all over.. Well. This game was really a fun experience. Sorta strange (ha) and mystical. Kind of hard for my dumb idiot brain to figure anything out without a guide. I would suggest this to anyone into Yume Nikki and other games like it. It's five dollars, so it doesn't cost a whole lot. A little gem.. quot;A 2D adventure game in which the player explores strange worlds created with merely 6 digits" . My goodness. I feel it's my duty as an avid gamer to debunk this utter piece of lie. Firstly, "2D adventure". There's NOTHING in this game that can be remotely related to the word 'adventure'. I'm not daft. This is a five buck game, so I'm not expecting big huge maps with challenging enemies or things like. But this game literally has nothing to offer. No story, no enemy, no combat, no choices, no talking. The entire gameplay revolves around you clicking on your screen and picking stuff up hoping it can be used somewhere else to help you escape. Then you have those silly puzzles. You know the kind. find an axe, cut the tree, use the wood to build, or water the plant, pick the flower, feed the rabbit, and blah blah blah. Adventure? Honestly? Next "explores strange worlds". Hahahahah, how DARE they call these microscopic maps 'worlds'? Calling it a map is even an exaggeration. They are literally just as big as the screenshots you see on the store page. Yes, each of those is an entire 'world'. You walk to the edge, then you go to another 'world'. Are you serious?! Next "created with merely 6 digits". When I saw this I thought that some clever procedural algorithms were used so that you have 10 to the 6 power amount of different worlds available. Silly me. You have about 10 to 20 of those microscopic worlds. That's it. It takes about half an hour to visit them all, and after that you'll just see them again and again and again, until you went mental or you decided to refund the game, whichever comes first. I'd rant a lot more had it not been priced at a relatively modest price of 5 dollars. Do yourself a favour. Don't buy it. Buy a big mac or taco or something. You'll find your money much better spent.. Great game, being a huge fan of yume nikki this definitely falls into my category.. Shallow and gimmicky. Ostensibly a surreal exploration game inspired by Yume Nikki and LSD: Dream Emulator, Strange Telephone doesn't really know to use those influences to create a game world that is compelling to explore. After a little bit of initial bumbling around, it's clear that you're just cycling through simple semi-randomized rooms to solve basic inventory puzzles - with a (very short) time limit for your excursions, because LSD had a time limit I guess. You can just wake up to reset the timer and immediately go back to exactly where you were, so the time limit doesn't even present any real challenge - it's just there to be annoying and make you feel rushed, which is exactly what I don't want in this sort of game. Strange Telephone is not a bad game aesthetically, but I feel like it actively does not want me to take the time to appreciate and get immersed in the atmosphere. And it really doesn't seem like it has much else going for it.. I had this for a long time in my wishlist because it seemed cool and promising, but after playing it I quickly changed my mind. It's an Android port which doesn't change much from the original phone game: basically you have to spell random 6-digit numbers to be transported in randomly-generated areas and retrieve items that can be used or combined, graphic adventure-style, in order to unlock 10 or so endings. Sounds interesting. but the areas are very small and quickly become all similar after a while, the hints don't explain much on how you actually have to find and use the items, and you'll be reduced to mindlessly trying to combine everything with everything in the hope to make something happen. This is not an example of good game design, but rather an example of how to pad what would be otherwise a very short game. In the end this game is boring, tedious and (unlike its inspiration Yume Nikki) instead of being cryptic and mysterious becomes just obtuse and frustrating. And the unlockables, the sound test and a crappy NASU-esque minigame, don't really make up for the shallow and boring gameplay. The graphics and visual effects are kinda cool though. Still, I'm looking forward to dev Yuta's new game that is apparently an action title, hope that it comes out better than this one.. Absolutely loved the game, great symbolism and it was very creepy at times, the exploring aspect and the different worlds reminded me of Yume Nikki.. Fun! Perhaps it could use a it more content, as I feel that there were a few loose ends that were never really tied up (characters without any specific interactions, et cetera).. Do you enjoy odd, dream-state games like Yume Nikki? You'll enjoy Strange Telephone. It's not nearly as long or expansive as Yume Nikki, but it does capture the same creepy atmosphere. Worth the $5.00 I paid for it.

Strange Telephone Development History #0005 : Tomorrow I'm gonna finish up the dot art for this character. All images are currently in development and are not final versions.. Strange Telephone - Development Story #0052 : Just a tiny mistake. Strange Telephone Development History #0025 : Current status. All images are currently in development and are not final versions.. Strange Telephone Development History #0046 : Graham. All images are currently in development and are not final versions.. Set For Release on January 21st, 2019! : The wait is almost over! Strange Telephone will be released on January 21st, 2019 ! Ver. 2.0 will feature a number of new additions, including the following: New ways to play the game (controller support, etc.) Newly added endings Even more worlds and objects added More items added Library (Object Viewer) added We will also be updating the Developer's Voice and News sections with info on all the latest additions, so be sure to check them out and get ready for the long-awaited launch! --- Playism. Strange Telephone Development History #0012 : Made word bubbles for text display. All images are currently in development and are not final versions.. Strange Telephone Development History #0048 : Current progress. All images are currently in development and are not final versions.. Strange Telephone Development History #0040 : Creatures. All images are currently in development and are not final versions.

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