Tangledeep - Legend Of Shara Activation Code [Xforce Keygen]

Tangledeep - Legend Of Shara Activation Code [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Content

Legend of Shara is a full expansion to Tangledeep, adding breadth and depth to every aspect of the game for players of all skill and experience levels! From new early game floors and monsters to wild new post-game content and everything in between...

Key Features

  • Shara's Story: A new tale in the world of Tangledeep with a unique story, boss encounters, and new gameplay!
  • A 13th job, the Calligrapher, armed with two weapons, elemental scrolls, and devastating combo attacks!
  • Increased level cap: from 15 to 20! With this new level cap comes even more powerful items and challenges to discover.
  • Dozens of new monsters with new powers! You can capture and tame them, too!
  • Begin your ascent in Riverstone Waterway instead of Cedar Caverns: a new early-game path with slightly more challenge and greater rewards.
  • Challenge the Realm of the Gods, a new post-game area with the hardest monsters and champions imaginable!
  • Encounter the Mysterious Wanderer and explore Wanderer's Journeys: entirely new dungeons with bizarre creatures, scenarios, and treasure.
  • Discover ancient Relics, rare items with limitless combinations of legendary powers and bonuses!
  • Strange new Item Dreams that twist and warp areas you've already visited with new events, monsters, items, and objects.
  • Unearth Runes of Knowledge, a set of tablets that teach special abilities not found anywhere else!
  • New monster sprites, tile sets, layouts, item graphics, effects, and music!

Includes Expansion Soundtrack!

Enjoy 8 new musical tracks included free with this expansion in MP3 & FLAC formats! Features compositions by both Andrew Aversa and Jeff Ball (Tiny Barbarian, Timespinner, Moss, Super Lucky's Tale + more)!

Shara's Story

You can now play as Shara in a new prequel story that happens before Mirai’s story! While the core dungeon progression is similar to the main game, the dialog and bosses are very different. In this mode, there is no town, no meta progress, and no job system. Shara does not gain XP nor levels like Mirai does. Instead, you can spend JP to level up your core stats. By doing so, your XP level increases gradually.

You can learn new abilities in two ways: first, by opening Pandora’s Boxes. These give you an option of three random skills from the entire pool of regular job abilities, and you can pick one. Second, by resting at Campfires, you will have an option of several random Shara-only abilities, of which you can pick one each time. You'll have to plan and adapt on the fly based on what items and abilities you find.

Overall, Shara’s story provides a fresh new way to play Tangledeep and experience a new story at the same time!

The Calligrapher (13th Job)

To the Calligrapher, the pen and sword are equally mighty and lethal. Drawing upon ancient writing and runic knowledge, Calligraphers engage their enemies wielding two weapons at once, reading from powerful elemental scrolls and striking down opponents with furious brushstrokes. This job is focused on attacking and dodging; it’s an all-out offense playstyle that rewards building up huge attacks.

The Mysterious Wanderer

You may now encounter a new character in Riverstone Camp: the Mysterious Wanderer. This enigmatic storyteller will introduce you to “Wanderer’s Journeys”: randomly-generated adventures that range from 10 to 50 (!!!) floors.

Each Journey has an entirely unique dungeon layout. Some are full of tight, windy corridors connecting large rooms together; others are more naturalistic, with wide-open spaces and water. Each has different biomes and environments to explore.

Unlike the rest of the game, every Journey has a completely new set of randomly-generated monsters, complete with accompanying names, sprites, and powers. You’ll have to observe these new threats carefully; you never know what you might find!

Some Journeys will allow you to bring along your skills, stats, gear, items, or a combination of these resources. Others will start you at level 1 with nothing at all! No matter your skill level and progression in the main game, you’ll find a variety of different gameplay styles and challenges to enjoy.

Through playing and completing a Wanderer’s Journey, you will find a new type of item called Relics. These are extra-special Legendary items that are randomly-generated from hundreds of existing powers, bonuses, properties, and stats. There are weapon, armor, shield, book, quiver, and accessory relics to discover, all with limitless possibilities! a09c17d780

Title: Tangledeep - Legend of Shara
Genre: Indie, RPG
Impact Gameworks
Release Date: 4 Apr, 2019


This is a cheap DLC with tons of content. Something that I love!

Between the Shara's story, the new calligrapher class and the Wanderer's journeys, you have here perfectly another 40 hours of play. In particular the Wanderer Journeys are a very interesting concept, I love playing with 'new' enemies. The calligrapher class is pretty fun, and there is still relics, runes of knowledge, new enemies, etc.

I saw some balance problems in Shara's story, but that said, the dev already updated it in the beta versio, so he took the feedback and acted pretty quickly.. Unique, balanced, good!. Tangledeep becomes even _more_ like Shiren the wanderer with the DLC. Since Shiren was great this is a Good Thing. ]. no hesitation at all, this is good stuff !. I really love the new Job Calligrapher, lots of fun. I enjoy water spells in RPGs so I was happy to see that here. I have only played the new game mode a little while to test it but it is fun and anything that adds replay value and something different is great in my book. I mainly bought this to support the dev because I feel his work is worth more, I'm waiting for the Switch version before I really sink some time into it.

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