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Original Title: CSI: Miami

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller


































The cases of the Miami-Dade, Florida police department's Crime Scene Investigations unit.
Horatio Caine, a former homicide detective, heads a group of investigators who work crimes amid the steamy, tropical surroundings and cultural crossroads of Miami. His team includes Calleigh Duquesne, a bilingual Southern beauty with a specialty in ballistics; Tim Speedle, a cocky yet disarming investigator who is well connected on the street, and Eric Delko, an underwater recovery expert who knows all the twists and turns of the Florida waterways. Rounding out the team is Alexx Woods, the no-nonsense, know-it-all coroner. And, after Speedle is killed in Action, Former Patrolman Ryan Wolfe joins the team. Together, these investigators collect and analyze the evidence to solve the crimes and to vindicate those who often cannot speak for themselves -- the victims.
Recently I have gradually found myself disliking many British shows and so I stopped watching them; my mum started watching CSI Miami and reluctantly I sat and watched it with her. The result? I now watch the show every week without fail. David Caruso as Horatio 'H' Caine portrays his character with excellent autuership. 'H's character is a breath of fresh air from the usual uptight coppers we see a lot in police dramas these days, as he sympathizes with characters who he empathizes with.

A great watch. I love CSI and CSI:NY but it cannot be as good as CSI:Miami. The cases are just so good and the characters are very attaching. Horatio Caine, play by David Caruso is just the best. He is bringing a new emotional side to the CSI team that were absent with Grissom in the first CSI. Also Duquesne is putting a little bit of light in all those dark cases by being so cheerfull. I also enjoy the scientific part which is always there in every episode. There is also a bigger place aloud to the life of the characters which is helping us know them better and love them even more. This side is lacking in the first CSI...cases are great but there could be something more...which is perfect in CSI:Miami. Long life to CSI:Miami!!!

While often the science and technology portrayed in this series (as well as the other CSI series) is accurate or mirrors sound scientific principle, there have been times when methods have led to results simply not possible in the real world. Also whilst the majority of the techniques and technologies used in the CSI franchise are accurate and true to reality, the writers and crew readily admit that they "time cheat". Tests that take seconds in the show often take days or even weeks in real life. Meanwhile the extreme popularity of the CSI TV franchise was credited for a large surge of applications for courses in forensic science, however many present day applicants are surprised to discover that the CSI's (or Crime Scene Annalists/Crime Scene Technicians, Scientific Investigators ect.) do not perform most of the tasks depicted on the CSI series. E.g. They do not interview suspects, they do not write or execute search warrants, and they do not make arrests. CSI's do not work the way the series portrays them as It would be considered an inappropriate and improbable practice to allow CSI personnel to be involved in detective work as it would compromise the impartiality of scientific evidence and would be impracticably time-consuming. In real life they are directed around the scenes by the detectives and supervisors, not the other way around. Detectives are commissioned police officers (sworn personnel). CSI's are civilian personnel, not sworn and do not have the same arrest powers as police officers. However they are very skilled technicians, and are a component of the police response to crime. American law allows for the 'false deception ploy' where the police can claim to have evidence (fingerprints, DNA, CCTV, witnesses) they do not in order to gain a confession, the idea being that any innocent person would know such evidence could not exist and see through it. This has become increasingly controversial however due to cases such as the Central Park 5 rape case in New York where the suspects were told their co-defendants were saying they were responsible so they accused them in turn only to be exonerated years later. No, they can enter in hot pursuit, to preserve life, to prevent imminent destruction of evidence or to search for a wanted felon. They need a search warrant for evidence when those elements do not apply. Lately I have noticed that the show is enhanced with truly score-like orchestral soundtrack. I tried to find out who the composer is. None of the official large soundtrack bases and platform have any information about it. It would be nice to find out. The same goes for similar shows like CSI NY or the original CSI Las Vegas.

For CSI. Miami is The Who- Wont Get Fooled Again and for CSI : NY is The Who- Baba O'riley


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