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Original Title: The Dead Don't Dream

Genge: Action,Adventure,Western










































Three bodies turn up in a frontier hotel. Hoppy solves the murders and chases the killers through unusually misty and dark locations.
Hoppy, California, and Lucky arrive at an inn for Lucky's wedding only to find it called off as Lucky's fiancee's uncle is missing. He is found murdered and on each of the next two nights a man is found missing the next morning. All three stayed in the same room and Hoppy has lots of suspects. That night he announces the murderer is right here among them and then takes that same room for the night hoping to flush out the murderer.
A United Artists release: 30 April 1948. Director: George Archainbaud. (Available on an excellent Platinum Disc DVD, but the movie itself is contrived, ridiculous and - dare we say it - juvenile).

CAST: William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Rand Brooks, John Parrish, Leonard Penn, Mary Tucker, Francis McDonald, Richard Alexander, Bob Gabriel, Stanley Andrews, Forbes Murray, Don Haggerty. 63 minutes.

COMMENT: A ridiculous script about a crippled innkeeper who thinks there's money to be made in a remote inn that has only two guest rooms. This notion is presented quite seriously as it's essential to the plot. As Cassidy, Clyde and Brooks are quartered in the one available room, Stanley Andrews is forced to take the room formerly occupied by the heroine's murdered dad! But if the innkeeper is a first-class dope, the murderer is the number one prize idiot of all times.

No, I take that back. The prize idiot is Cassidy. Oblivious as to who the killer has to be, he makes some fatuous guesses instead of pinpointing the heroine or Brooks or Mr X. As this is a kiddies' picture, alas, our killer is definitely not Miss Tucker or Hoppy's companero. So the only people left are the surly publican and his equally surly servants (whom the script is always pointing to - including even no-brains Hoppy himself) or Mr X (who even looks like a killer).

The photographer tries to work up a bit of atmosphere for this no-brains murder mystery but his efforts are as futile as Hoppy's inappropriately fat-headed comments. And as for the killer's modus operandi, how did he know about it? How did he operate it? And why draw attention by moving the body? The way dead bodies pile up in this story, you'd think it was a Charlie Chan mystery. But no, it's a Hopalong Cassidy Western, with an unusual opening scene in which Hoppy (William Boyd), California Carlson (Andy Clyde) and Lucky Jenkins (Rand Brooks) all appear in suit and tie! The occasion - Lucky's getting married! Any other time we'd see Lucky trying to romance some pretty young lady but this time out, the courtship is moot and he's all set to tie the knot!

Well, not so fast. Arriving at the Last Chance Inn where the wedding is scheduled to take place, Lucky's fiancé Mary (Mary Ware) is distressed over her uncle who's wound up missing. This gets Hoppy's antenna up for trouble, and it's only a matter of time before a handful of suspicious characters arrive on scene. Before long, Hoppy discovers the body of the dead uncle in the gold mine he was prospecting. It turns out that both the uncle's will and gold mine are at stake, and before long, a friend of Hoppy and a sheriff who arrives to investigate wind up dead as well, all having spent the night in the deceased uncle's hotel room.

Just as in the old Charlie Chan flicks, the murderer seems to come out of nowhere, as some of the other characters in the story seem more likely to have done in the former mine owner. Particularly suspicious was Inn owner Jeff Potter (John Parrish), who at any minute one expects he might get right up out of his wheel chair to prove his guilt. What's really rather novel is the method that the real killer used to dispatch his victims; the bed in the hotel room in which all the victims stayed was rigged with a heavy retracting canopy that came down to suffocate them!

Well I already gave a nod to the Charlie Chan franchise, but something Cassidy said at the dinner table reminded me of another era sleuth. Having figured out who the murderer was, and with the guilty party on hand, Hoppy says "The killer is right in this room". That's the same thing Nick Charles said in "The Thin Man" as he was about to solve his very first case. Only thing is, he added, 'you may now serve the fish'!

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