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A keenly dark twist on the traditional murder mystery setting, The Deed is an Adventure/RPG game about getting away with murder.

Arran Bruce, the rightful heir to Dunshiel House, returns to his family home after discovering that his abusive father has decided to disinherit him from his Will in favour of his sadistic, deranged young sister. In a fit of anger and greed, Arran has decided to remove his sister from the equation in order to restore his own inheritance. Can he manage to get away with such a foul deed?

  • Meet the Family:
    Explore Dunshiel House and encounter Arran's twisted, dysfunctional family and their servants. Take care, though - everything that you say or do can have an impact on the outcome of The Deed!

  • Choose the Weapon:
    A rope, a candlestick or good old-fashioned rat poison? There are many household items that can be put to a dark and nefarious use. Choose carefully from ten possible murder weapons, bearing in mind who might become a suspect as a result of your selection.

  • Plant the Evidence:
    Father, mother, maid, butler ... any of these individuals could take the blame for your heinous act, if you can find the right evidence, plant it in the right location and manage to raise the suspicions of the Inspector.

  • Face the Inspector:
    When the deed is done, it's time to face the music and be interviewed by the wily, perceptive Inspector. Can you dodge his questions and avert his suspicions? Will you walk away a free man? Many possible endings await ...

Title: The Deed
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Pilgrim Adventures, GrabTheGames Studios
GrabTheGames, WhisperGames
Release Date: 23 Nov, 2015

English,Simplified Chinese

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>Shoot my sister in the chest with a shotgun
>Found at murder scene with smoking shotgun
>"Yo man didn't do it"
>Didn't go to prison

Southampton Police Simulator 2019. >Shoot my sister in the chest with a shotgun
>Found at murder scene with smoking shotgun
>"Yo man didn't do it"
>Didn't go to prison

Southampton Police Simulator 2019. >Shoot my sister in the chest with a shotgun
>Found at murder scene with smoking shotgun
>"Yo man didn't do it"
>Didn't go to prison

Southampton Police Simulator 2019

Werewolf Monster: v0.7.7 - 5 new maps in Old Palace, reworked firewall and lots of improvements!:
- Fixed a bug with sacrifice that would heal heroes that have exited the room.
- Fixed an issue with the dead talking skeleton not being selectable in the editor.
- Fake healing potions have now been replaced with low quality which heals 1 point.
- Changed dark monk defence to 4.
- Changed dark monk courage to 70%.
- Enabled unity analytics to track anonymous usage.
- Reworked 'Battle Tactics'. It now gives bonuses to Throwing Axe, Fear of Steel and Double Attack.
- Fixed a major bug with double strike, it was previously not working at all.
- Added falling axe trap, this can be used in conjuction with an attribute test.
- Added an effect on dark monk spell chaos wave.
- Added 5 new maps taking place in the old palace.
- After testing a map in the editor it now auto-loads the last edit state.
- Non player controlled heroes now move and attack similar to monsters.
- Dwarf bash now turns a monster grayscale until it can play again.
- Exiting a dungeon plays a little hide animation.
- Quests must now be unlocked to see their description.
- Spear traps can now be set to trigger manually in the editor.
- You can now set the trap's team and damage in the editor.
- Fixed an animation issue with dwarf when trying to disarm a trap.
- Added some sfx on the dark monk spells.
- Fixed a crash with Dark fate when there would be only 1 monster in the room and would attempt to kill a second.
- Fixed various spelling mistakes in quest descriptions.
- Fixed a scaling issue with the tavern rest 3rd slot.
- Skull of fate now only heals 1 point of damage.
- Fixed an issue with dynamic spawned characters who wouldnt have their health bar updated.
- Fixed a crash when a hero would die preventing the game from continuing.
- Shaman Master now casts lighting bolt more often.
- Starting spell for Dark Monk is now Dark Fate.
- Orc Warrior attack has been increased by 1.
- Orc Shieldmaster attack has been increased by 1.
- Orc Shieldmaster defence has been increased by 1.
- Orc Shieldmaster health now is 4.
- Fixed an issue with wizard illusions starting with 2 magic shields.
- Made some adjustments in a few rooms to hide geometry edges that would make the room look incomplete.
- Fixed some clipping issues with old palace doors.
- Staff of teleportation now has some limitations as to where you can teleport.
- Reworked firewall, it now creates a wall in the shortest (X or Y line) and lasts for 1/2/3 turns. Any enemy ending their turn on a firewall suffers 1 damage.. v1.0.1 - Dwarf find gold is party aura, chat disabled, fixed some crashes and bugs and added some sfx:
∙ Fixed a bug with mass bless staying active for the remaining of the dungeon.
∙ Fixed a text cut off that would happen on some computers on the abandon quest screen.
∙ Fixed some spelling mistakes in the village.
∙ Wizard frozen is now a single target spell, comes with charges.
∙ Fixed a crash in the castle of doom with pit traps.
∙ Fixed a bug with ending a game through cutscene that could result in the quest ending twice giving you twice as many rewards.
∙ You can now disable the auto-follow camera when monsters play.
∙ Chat Removed
∙ Fixed an issue in the editor that would not show all your custom maps from steam workshop.
∙ Added several new sound effects.
∙ Fixed a bug with armaggedon that could freeze the game.
∙ Fixed an issue with the secret teleporter trigger not changing the scene.
∙ Heroes now have increased "unlimited" movement out of combat.
∙ Dwarf gold digger is now a party aura and yields less gold.
∙ Made some small changes in the tutorial map layout along with some tutorial text changes.. v0.9.0 - New Quests, Bug Fixes and some balance changes:
∙ Added a new quest "Hall of Black Mirrors".
∙ Added a new quest "Entering the Castle".
∙ Added a new artifact the "Talisman of Kings", this artifact can be obtained via a series of quests.
∙ Fixed an issue with monsters walking a bit further than they should be when attacking.
∙ Fixed an issue with the 100k gold achievement not triggering.
∙ Increased crafting price of book of magic to 900 gold.
∙ Fixed a crash that could happen trying to move to a floor of different Z position.
∙ Fixed a rendering issue with the gold in chests appearing cut off.
∙ Its no longer possible to try and move to a floor of different z position.
∙ Climbing stairs now ends the action turn for that hero.
∙ Fixed an issue with the chaos summoner and evil sorcerer not being able to attack targets diagonally.
∙ Fixed a crash with cutscene that would cause a crash when manually triggering them.
∙ Friends from the past now has a chance to break free with every action until level 3 where it gets permanent.
∙ Fixed some issue with some monsters being able to attack while stunned.
∙ Improved the way heroes are placed when they enter a new room.
∙ Readjusted some of the prices of item drops that sell to the merchant.
∙ Decreased the attack power of the orc warrior master to by 1.
∙ Tornado now does 2/3/4 damage.
∙ Reduced defence of chaos summoner.
∙ (Editor) Added a trigger that allows the evil sorcerer to appear.. make an attack and desapear...
∙ (Editor) Array type of objects in the properties panel now have a little space between them to tell where one starts.
∙ (Editor) Added more tiles for the dark castle enviroment.
∙ (Editor) Renamed editor tab to triggers.. v1.0.3 Bug fixes and some spell changes:
∙ Fixed a tooltip bug with book of spells.
∙ Fixed a small crash when draging a hero in the assemble party screen into another party slot hero.
∙ Fixed a tooltip position being in wrong place on the defeat the sorcerer quest.
∙ Fixed a bug with completing the game achievement not activating in hardcore mode.
∙ Fixed a bug with the 100k achievement not unlocking
∙ Fixed a crash with multiplayer when having too many online friends.
∙ The order in which heroes appear in a new room is now the same as entered.
∙ Fixed a bug showing the exclamation mark above the gravedigger in hardcore mode.
∙ Fixed a bug in the descent to chaos map with the stairs teleporting you in wrong tile.
∙ Frozen now freezes all enemies around the wizard.
∙ Fixed a bug with chaos wave not hitting enemies again when it triggers on multiple heroes...
∙ Chaos wave now deals extra damage when upgraded only on first wave...
∙ Illusions and monsters cannot fall into pit traps.
∙ Falling to a pit no longer deals fall damage.
∙ Fixed some bugs in the pit that would end the game if you died.. Update - 0.7.0:
Version 0.7.0
- Improved user experience in editor with creating and updating maps on steamworks.
- Fixed some typo in the spells tutorial text.
- Perception tutorial now shows up at room 2 of level 1 and removed from second map.
- Added new tutorial when entering the village.
- Fixed an issue with the COURAGE tutorial not triggering if you succeded in the test.
- Updated some character profile text.
- Fixed a couple of types in the gravedigger (Thanks Urko!)
- Fixed a bug with the invisible cutscene trigger that would stop a character's movement.
- You now have to 'Right Click" an object in the editor to see its properties.
- Removed some unused options in the editor.
- Reworked how you connect rooms in the editor.
- The help in the editor now offers some tips on how to use the editor.
- Tooltip now shows if its a skill or ability.
- Updated tornado tooltip.
- You can now play custom maps, speak to the elder about it.. Dark Quest 2 @ EGX REZZED in LONDON!:
We will be at EGX REZZED in London this weekend to showthe latest version of the game. Come to the indie section to meet us!!! v0.8.5 - Dungeon Map, Improved Pathfinding, Balance changes:
∙ Blacksmith now only shows uncrafted equipment on his list of items to craft.
∙ Decreased goblin archer defense to 30%.
∙ Fixed a bug with transferring potions that would give you gold.
∙ Fixed a crash in multiplayer that would happen when 2 people were not friends with each other.
∙ Fixed a bug with the dot path showing extra dots in wrong places when entering a secret door.
∙ All attacks now have to be made from an empty square, the only time where a hero will attack from the same square as another hero is if there are no empty squares.
∙ Improved path finding for ranged hero attacks.
∙ Fixed a visual issue with path helpers staying visible when ending your turn manually.
∙ Made some changes in the quest map.
∙ Added an effect for stab in the dark.
∙ Reduced difficulty of the second map 'The Passage' and 'Introduction'.
∙ Increased the gold drop on the first quest.
∙ Added dungeon map, you can now see which room you are in the dungeon and what rooms you have not explored.
∙ Increased crafting cost for most items.

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