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A Demon Hunter receives a letter from Daniel, a man begging for help against a demonic infestation from the mountain that he calls home. The Hunter, in a search for him through the cold and abandoned world, will discover a twisted tale of intimacy and violence of the past, and must use that knowledge to purge the demons from the once-beautiful land.

- Hand animated 2D characters on a cold and ruined 3D world
- Methodical combat that rewards patience, precision, and knowing the enemies intimately
- A one-sitting narrative of discovering memory fragments that showcase the beauty of the past
- Fully voiced dialogues and narrations
- Optional Narrative Mode for those who don't want difficulty to affect the pacing of the story, without taking away the intensity of combat 7ad7b8b382

Title: The Other Half
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Studio Egg Roll
Studio Egg Roll
Release Date: 2 Nov, 2018


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A short game with neat art, and a fairly well-handled theme. Recommended.

For those like me with bad hands (or who're just bad with gamepads), there are much-appreciated "Easy" and "Narrative" difficulty levels.. beautiful game, beautiful voice acting.. Not the best gameplay, as I'm not a fan of shoot em up style games and it was frustrating at times. Never-the-less, the story was well put together and told from a clever perspective that kept me playing regardless.. Do not recommend. There's some going for it--the combat goes from simple, to tense, but unfortunately back to simple again once you realize the entire trick is a well-timed dodge. The atmosphere can be pretty creepy. The story...tries really hard. But in the end, it's short, the play is dull, the story is poisonously didactic, and the "Content warning" gives away the schtick right off the bat. "Obviously, all of this is metaphorical," I thought, after maybe 10 minutes in. Then it's a trudge that goes exactly where you expect it to.

Then there's the message. I get it: respec wahmen. But all this can do is breed anxiety, neurosis, and self-loathing in people who are already bombarded with mixed messages about how to treat the opposite sex, and who is responsible for romantic and sexual signalling, and who is responsible for miscommunication. I wouldn't want my sons or daughter to play this. The story's "Degrassi Junior High" take on these issues is the most modern of pop psychology and woman-oriented gender studies. This is harmful and untenable, which will be apparent when we finally recover from this gynocentric hysteria currently plaguing Western culture.

I give this game a point for one mechanic I found clever: Discarding the "armor" to make inventory room for the "truth" bits. It's too obvious the game considers this always the correct answer, but the sacrifice aspect of it works.

It gets a point as well for being a passable blend of narrative and play. Unfortunately though, the play is dull and the narrative is societally harmful. Not only would I not recommend this, my advice is to actively avoid this title.. Not the best gameplay, as I'm not a fan of shoot em up style games and it was frustrating at times. Never-the-less, the story was well put together and told from a clever perspective that kept me playing regardless.. beautiful game, beautiful voice acting.. Very good little game. Only has about two hours of gameplay, so keep that in mind.

Combat system is interesting. Simple, yet engaging. Really only three buttons: Move, fire, short sprint in one direction.

Story is revealed through narration as you defeat demons.

I can't give a full review without spoilers, but I highly recommend. Very informative. Take the "Sexual Assault" warning seriously.. yeah decent enough game you really just going around burning stuff while some dude complains.

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