Upcoming Information:The Shoplicker // Krissy Lynn
When/Date: 02.07.2018
Time: 6:00 am

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Golden, long wavy hair is pulled back to reveal a handsome, time-worn face. Wide blue eyes, set charmingly within their sockets, watch longingly over the armies they've worshipped for so long.A sword left a mark reaching from the right side of the forehead , running towards the other eye and ending on her right cheek leaves a beautiful memory of her luck in love.The is the face of Iyohara Dawnthorn, a true opportunist among elves. She stands oddly among others, despite her brawny frame.There's something odd about her, perhaps it's her sympathy or perhaps it's simply her sense of comradery. But nonetheless, people tend to pretend to be her friend, while training with her whenever she's available.

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