The devil, once a shining angel, a son of the morning, now a foul fiend came in the shape of a serpent, the subtlest of all the beasts of the field. She communed, on the contrary, on the spot, with her uneasiness. It demoralizes those who practice it and destroys the faith of those who suffer by it in the efficiency of the law as a safe protector. A regret for the mistakes of yesterday must not, however, blind us to the tasks of today. dank hair hung trailed over their brows. But I never met him there again; and I may as well say at once that I on no other occasion saw him in the house. " For some time he was silent, but he continued to meet my eyes. An enchantment of the heart! The night had been enchanted. why was he sent to that place with them? But his father had told him that he would be no stranger there because his granduncle had presented an address to the liberator there fifty years before. "The person was in black, you say?" "In mourning--rather poor, almost shabby. Then he heard the noise of the refectory every time he opened the flaps of his ears. It seemed to him that he stood in the midst of a great hall, dark and silent save for the ticking of a great clock.

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