Help us to remember it, Lord. The business conditions in the Philippines are not all that we could wish them to be, but with the passage of the new tariff bill permitting free trade between the United States and the archipelago, with such limitations on sugar and tobacco as shall prevent injury to domestic interests in those products, we can count on an improvement in business conditions in the Philippines and the development of a mutually profitable trade between this country and the islands. Yet when the new light which we beg for shines in upon us, there be who envy and oppose, if it come not first in at their casements. The little silk badge with the white rose on it that was pinned on the breast of his jacket began to flutter. voices reached his ears as if from a distance in interrupted pulsation. America, at its best, matches a commitment to principle with a concern for civility. He prayed: --HE ONCE HAD MEANT TO COME ON EARTH IN HEAVENLY GLORY BUT WE SINNED; AND THEN HE COULD NOT SAFELY VISIT US BUT WITH A SHROUDED MAJESTY AND A BEDIMMED RADIANCE FOR HE WAS GOD. The gang made forays into the gardens of old maids or went down to the castle and fought a battle on the shaggy weed-grown rocks, coming home after it weary stragglers with the stale odours of the foreshore in their nostrils and the rank oils of the seawrack upon their hands and in their hair., thirteen: for two came wheeling down from the upper sky. Old man had red eyes and short pipe. President, Vice President Quayle, Senator Mitchell, Speaker Wright, Senator Dole, Congressman Michel, and fellow citizens, neighbors, and friends: There is a man here who has earned a lasting place in our hearts and in our history. The dull light fell more faintly upon the page whereon another equation began to unfold itself slowly and to spread abroad its widening tail.

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