Types of Thermal Spray Coating Process

EWS LLPwas founded in 2017 and is a technology-driven solutions company that is focused on helping industry extend the service life of machine and equipment that are exposed to industrial wear problems such as adhesive, abrasive, corrosion by using advanced thermal spray coating on the industrial types of equipment.

Thermal spray coating is widely used in a variety of industrial applications to prevent the equipment for erosion and other harmful processes. The molten power is heated through oxy-fuel of plasma so that the flame and the spray distribution happen easily. Thermal spray is commonly used to treat huge industrial plants. They also protect the metals or alloys from environmental conditions. Endurance has effective Thermal spray coating shop in Mumbai for small-scale or large-scale industries.

High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying (HVOF)

HVOF is similar in theory to combustion thermal spraying coating but uses a different torch design that enables the flame to expand when the spray nozzle is given access. This causes a surge in acceleration, which in turn increases the movement to the mixed particles. The velocity created in the mixture is transformed into a very thin layer of coating. The final coating is strong and extremely dense. The hardness and corrosion resistance is much more superior that plasma spraying coating. The low temperature from the torch flame melts both the powder and the mixture in the nozzle. The mixture is not suited to high temperature.

Two-Wire Electric Arc Spraying

Wire electric arc spraying relies on the arc- pointed electrically conductive wires. The arc is the heating force that allows the metal to melt and dispose of as the combustion flame is enabled the flame spray torch. After the metal wires melts, that process is compressed in air spray coating. The procedure is extremely cost-effective and uses alloys like aluminium and zinc to its coating infrastructure. Both the materials provide very strong corrosion resistance to increase the durability of the industrial pieces of equipment.

Endurance Wear Solutions has the most cost effective services and products available in their thermal coating shop in Mumbai. Their constant innovation in their thermal spray coating is constantly updated from US.

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