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About This Game

"Come into my dungeon, and show me your strength... I will crush your sword and bones in return. Many so-called heroes tried to plunder my treasures and their skulls are now part of my impressive collection... Run away while there’s still time!"

VERLIES II is a ruthless dungeon crawler game. The player embodies a hero he can select from eight brave adventurers willing to enter a mysterious dungeon filled with ancient forgotten treasures.

The game revolves around a village where the player is offered many different services (blacksmith, merchant, magician, inn, money games etc.) so he can get ready and go as far as possible in the depths of the cursed dungeon. Relentless monsters, numerous treasures, ferocious traps, immersive puzzles, many dangers await him inside, especially as death is final.

Unlike many games that only offer quests that are easy to solve, everything that stand on the way of the player in VERLIES II was conceived to stop it.
Only the bests and most determined will feel the pride of experiencing the end!

- Beautiful and immersive comic style graphics
- A gigantic dungeon with completely randomly created floors
- Several millions of randomly created stuff to loot!
- Permadeath
- Numerous game mechanics to discover and mastering
- Come to challenge a hundred of monsters specifically designed to kill you
- Solve many quests and puzzles
- Many heroes to unlock
- Nervous and addictive combat system
- Original skill system, which requires optimization and tactical decisions
- And many secrets and things to discover!

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Koya Game
Koya Game
Release Date: 25 Sep, 2015


  • OS: 64 bits
  • Processor: Dual Core 3 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 400 MB available space


1. See game in the Store. Art looks great. It's a roguelike? I'm in!

2. See mixed reviews. What are they complaining about? Difficulty too hard? No problem! Unskippable intro animation? Boo! Annoying puzzle minigame? Ugh. Needless delays in the dice game? Boo!

3. See patch notes. The developer has fixed all the complaints! You can now turn off the unskippable animation, skip the minigame, and play the dice game instantly. Wow!

4. Realize that this is a developer that cares about the players and responds to community feedback. Realize that the issues raised in the negative reviews have been fixed. Yay!

5. Buy game at full price.

6. Play game. It's fun. Horray!

7. Game crashes. Boo!

8. Restart game? Nope. Game leaves some processes running and won't restart.

9. Reboot.

10. Restart game? Yes!

11. Play game. It's still fun. Horray!

12. Game crashes. Won't restart. Reboot. Restart game. Crash. Reboot. Crash. Reboot.

13. Request refund.. Verlies 2 is a good game. It's not for everyone though, for mulitple reasons :
-It's a rogue-like, with permadeath. You die -> you retry.
-You CAN SAVE, but you only save your actual run, if you die you must restart from the beginning.
-It's HARD, and you must learn to play without any help.
-Game mecanisms remind A LOT old games with raw gameplay.
-Comics-style graphics, you love it or you hate it.
-English is approximate... but the developper apologize with humor and self mockery.

Well then, why is it good ?
-the game is hard, so when you finally learn how to play, it's very rewarding.
-Looting is very fun. Each item found has a value. You can equip or sell it (and more). The economy is great. Gold has an actual and vital value, unlike in many hack and slashes.
-Levelling offers a lot of variety with multiple skills.
-Crafting, weapon enhancements...
-You play, you crawl trough the dungeon, you die "WTF I STILL HAD 5 LIFE POTIONS WHAT A DUMB\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665I AM \u00a7\u00a7", you restart. I guarantee it. Verlies 2 is this kind of a game, "what if I made just another run ?" And another one, and another one... It's addictive.. The idea is cool but there is a lot of room for improvement. I stand by my opinion and think the game is too RNG. Even if you block every attack and maximize your damage, you can still get unlucky and only be able to get so far. This game needs a way to replay previous areas to farm gold, instead we get a dice game which is very slow and frustrating.

I will edit this review if things change. Game has potential.. This game is great and achieves exactly what it sets out to do.

Very easy to pick up and play, tempting to jump in and try another run.

The combat system, while a little funky, is actually fairly tense at times - interesting way to handle it.

Fun marriage between old school dungeon crawler and roguelike.

Interesting skills let you build your own custom character each try.

Surprisingly in depth item system.

Broken english is endearing.

I don't understand the negativity from others in reviews, not everything can be a AAA epic and I think this little project was a huge success.. This game has difficulty that isn't based on player performance, it's based off the fact that you are forced to take damage on every turn, even if you block. This means if your RNG happens to give you 4 monsters in a row, you will basically be forced into using all your hp pots right off the bat, or failing misreably because you can't beat even the first boss on level 1 without at least 2 pots. Not to mention that traps are very common, and you can even activate 2 traps on the same item, which is bullcrap. This game is a waste of 8 dollars and it's not even in good english, don't buy this.. This was close to being a good game, but is destroyed by the imbalance. It's exceedingly difficult to get started - the rewards for the risk are not worth it. A few simple changes would fix this - the hero goes to a different dungeon with each attempt, and if he leaves before killing the boss, that dungeon is over. You should never come back from a successful run in worse shape than you started. Give the player a chance to rest, recover, and try again on a new dungeon without the constantly advancing difficulty,. Just walk right past this game. I played literally 5 minutes of the game and couldn't stand it. The spelling and grammatical mistakes were bad enough, but combat is clunky, the game is clunky, everything just doesn't work well. This is a point and click game. Click to move, click to swing your weapon, right click to block. Just wasn't for me.. Great and simple game, i enjoyed the first one a lot. (and it was ugly as hell).. Great game if you have patience and are willing to learn the tricks. I finished it in 44 hours. The trick is to dice yourself to about 500 money then buy some armour points and a good light sword. Sharpen sword and enchant items when possible.
Get to about 250 HP and unlock Torrek. He is much easier to play.. Want to see gameplay before you buy?\/watch?v=j9jw2zAdTlU\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=j9jw2zAdTlU<\/a>

At this point I think this game has some potential but I was not able to achieve a rewarding experience in my many attempts at it. Each attempt was met with the same death, in the same room no matter how many different and "random" things happened in the dungeon. I'm sure there are people who get some enjoyment out of the difficulty of the game and the fact that it's pretty much based on your own personal luck stat.
I feel like they could make some small changes\/improvements and it would be a much better game.

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