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Wanderlust: Rebirth is an online four player co-op arcade-action RPG set in the fantasy world, Valandria. The heroes are summoned to Westhaven Arena to pro 5d3b920ae0

Title: Wanderlust: Rebirth
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Yeti Trunk
Release Date: 14 Jun, 2011


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Pretty difficult to play and the game's pretty broken. You have to rely on yourself to kill all the bosses, because your party npcs frequently get stuck in place and sort of just sit there while you alone fight the boss.. A short story, feeling like a good one at the fireplace in the winter night. Too much grinding on the late levels.. W:R's multiplayer is broken, and its enjoyment factor is upped through multiple players (as some of these reviewers have already pointed out). Maybe after an update I could recommend this game, but otherwise it's just another u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665y indie rpg trying to replicate the SNES "glory days." Secret of Mana was fun because you could two-player or multitap it--the fun was lessened exponentially in single player. Strictly hack-and-slash gameplay of Mana (and W:R) becomes quickly tedious in single player. Play Hammerwatch instead.. Its absolutelely gorgeous! The story, the music, everything! So much time went into making this game and I played it for 2 hours straight. Once you complete the story line, there is really nothing else to do. Except maybe pvp with your friends. Nevertheless, worth every spent.. Unfortunately. I find this game generic. Controls are a mess, the game itself seems to run in a clunky manner, and it's attempt at recreating the 90's style RPG is a bit off. At no point during gameplay did I feel engaged. The storyline isn't original, and there is little depth in what you are trying to accomplish. The reward system for "Missions" in this game makes it feel as if they broke away from attempting an action RPG and decided halfway through to attempt an arcade game. Many claim this game reminds them of Secret of Mana. However in my own opinion, had this game came out at the same time Secret of Mana had, I would still have chosen Secret of Mana. The art style did hit fairly close to target in trying to emulate the 16 bit era, however once again, depth and immersion are still a huge issue. The towns, the map, the lands feel all bland. Many of the areas in this game use a rather dull color palette, which to me personally is very unappealing. One of the big strengths in Secret of Mana, and even Zelda, aside from their gameplay and mechanics, was the color palettes and music used to really hit on target with the feeling you get from certain areas in the game. I commend W:R for attempting to recreate this feeling. But I suggest the developers go back and really spend a lot of time analyzing exactly what made those games of the 16 bit era classic.

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