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Whispers of a Machine is a Sci-Fi Nordic Noir that tells the story of Vera, a cybernetically augmented special agent tasked with investigating a string of murders. T 5d3b920ae0

Title: Whispers of a Machine
Genre: Adventure
Clifftop Games, Faravid Interactive
Raw Fury
Release Date: 17 Apr, 2019


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 300 MHz Processor
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Graphics:


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The game is a really good point-and-click adventure. The mechanics are nostalgic but not outdated. The storyline, as of Day 2, has quite a lot of potential. I really like the idea that the personality you project in the game gives you different "abilities" to get through the game's puzzles. It's a very novel mechanic. EDIT: After further consideration, I absolutely recommend this game. I will note a couple personal concerns I had with the game that led me to not recommend it earlier but, after each concern, I will explain why I changed my review. 1) To begin with, the game uses a really antiquated graphics engine that lets you select between DirectX9 or DirectDraw. The game doesn't work in fullscreen if you are using DirectX9, and it doesn't work in windowed mode if you use DirectDraw. Did anyone even test this? Furthermore, the game should just determine your resolution. There's no point in giving players the option to select the resolution if the game only launches using one of those options (your current resolution). UPDATE: The developer reached out to me and helped me fix the problem. If you are getting a "wobbly" effect on fullscreen, UNINSTALL and REINSTALL your graphics drivers. Don't just update them. Totally uninstall and reinstall them. That the developer is considerate of these types of problems is, in itself, a reason to recommend this game. Good developers are always worth supporting. 2) Day 2 Spoiler Warning: ------- When you are trying to find the nutrient canister, you practically have to find an online guide to see what needs to be done to finish this puzzle. It's an incredibly arbitrary combination of actions. To begin with, it's a minor annoyance that Maja's apartment has a red herring nutrient canister. This would be great as a misdirection -- if the actual solution wasn't literally out of nowhere. The way to unlock the nutrient canister is to find yourself in the museum pressing a very specific combination of exhibit buttons. You have to click the button for the healing tank, followed by the star field, then the war robot, and finally the globe (four times, for whatever reason). This solution is supposed to coincide with the "Pilgrim's Prayer" in your notes. The hint pointing you towards the Pilgrim's Prayer and museum is the note in her apartment. In my opinion, it's only after you find the solution that it becomes clear what the purpose of the Pilgrim's Prayer is, not before. UPDATE: Upon further consideration, I have determined that my real issue I had with the puzzle is that *I* don't like solutions that involve pressing buttons in a seemingly arbitrary manner. I don't personally like that gameplay mechanic, BUT that doesn't mean that my opinion on that should be imposed on other players. Potential customers may be put off from buying this game because of my negative review, and that would be a shame because this game is quite a gem and a great entry in the genre. ----- Do buy this game if you're a fan of point-and-click adventures. It has high-quality voice acting, fun characters, and strong narrative design. The developers have made a good game here.. One of the better modern point and click adventure games out there. The investigation held my attention throughout, with a captivating protagonist and great world building to back it up. Wasn't too pixelhunty. Shout out to the melancholy score that really fit the mood.. nice story with some interesting mechanisms to distinguish itself from the usual p&c fare.. A really solid detective adventure game, with an interesting mature story, good puzzles and a bit of a branching game design. The audiovisual side is also pretty good, not as good as it was in their previous game, Kathy Rain, but still very much enjoyable. Voice acting especially is well done. Clifftop Games has jumped onto my top list of point & click developers with this and the aforementioned Kathy Rain. Can't wait what they'll do next. Highly recommended game for any classic adventure game fans.. Not as good as most other retro-modern adventures out there. One of the better modern point and click adventure games out there. The investigation held my attention throughout, with a captivating protagonist and great world building to back it up. Wasn't too pixelhunty. Shout out to the melancholy score that really fit the mood.. A bit short and lacking in content but for an adventure game enthusiast this is a great game. Game play chocices makes for some sort of replayability as well. The narrative is what I liked the most in this game.

Whispers of a Machine is OUT NOW!!! : Take a ride to the cloudy, remote town of Nordsund, bring your best trench coat, and enter a near-future where artificial intelligence has been banned and made taboo by society. Or so we thought Whispers of a Machine is the sophomore release from Clifftop Games and Faravid Interactive, and its available now on PC and mobile. It tells the gripping tale of Vera, a special agent investigating a murder with the use of cybernetic augmentations. But as one thread pulls and the tale unravels, she finds that the truth may be more complicated (and more dangerous for humanity) than it seems. Want a quick primer of what to expect? Check out the video below! Were distinctly honored and proud to release Whispers of a Machine into the wild as the second game from Clifftop Games to grace our portfolio. Kathy Rain was a powerful example of how the point-and-click adventure genre can enable excellent storytelling and puzzle-solving in a graceful and mature manner; and Whispers is no exception.. Whispers of a Machine patch v.1.0.3 up! : Changelog:. A Deeper Look at Whispers of a Machine : Curious to know more about what you can expect when Whispers of a Machine launches on April 17th ? Check out the video below!. Steam Trading Cards are LIVE! : We're excited to announce that Whispers of a Machine now has Steam Trading Cards! How can you earn these cards? Simple! Play Whispers of a Machine Collect cards automatically Buy, sell, or trade cards with friends Craft badges Level up your Steam profile Humble brag to everyone you know *Trading cards are rewarded retroactively to players that have completed the game Stay vigilant, Agents!. Whispers of a Machine patch v.1.0.2 up! : Changelog:. Whispers of a Machine launching April 17th! : Forensic Scanner enabled.. Whispers of a Machine Launch Stream : Come celebrate the launch of Whispers of a Machine with us, live on Steam Stream! The devs will be there to take your questions, and we'll slowly explore the beginning of the game - aiming to avoid spoilers. Stream begins at 18:00 CEST / 09:00 PDT and will go on for roughly two hours.

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