Any policy which shall tend to favor monopolies or the peculiar interests of sections or classes must operate to the prejudice of the interest of their fellow-citizens, and should be avoided. It was nice and warm to see the lights in the castle. He had soon given in to them and allowed them to sweep across and abase his intellect, wondering always where they came from, from what den of monstrous images, and always weak and humble towards others, restless and sickened of himself when they had swept over him. The grin broadened on Nash's freckled face as he turned to Stephen and said: --And do you like Cardinal Newman, Dedalus? --O, many say that Newman has the best prose style, Heron said to the other two in explanation, of course he's not a poet. you believe in it when you were at school? I bet you did. Another, a brisk old man, whom Mr Dedalus called Johnny Cashman, had covered him with confusion by asking him to say which were prettier, the Dublin girls or the Cork girls. "There's one thing, of course--it occurs to me--to remember. Father Arnall suddenly shut the book and shouted at him: --Kneel out there in the middle of the class. was he kneeling there like a child saying his evening prayers? To be alone with his soul, to examine his conscience, to meet his sins face to face, to recall their times and manners and circumstances, to weep over them. If nothing comes, I shall only fail, and you will, at the worst, have helped me by doing, on your arrival in town, whatever you may have found possible. A woman entered quietly and deftly where the first penitent had knelt. I wondered even then a little why she should wish not to show it, and that, with reflection, with suspicion, might of course have made me uneasy.

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