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Wishmaster is a game with an interesting and complex history of human desires and about the fact that not everything will go the way you wish. The game includes a part with Visual Novel, where you will learn about the world and the people themselves, and, certainly, about their dreams. The second part of the game is the game Match-3, where you will search for mysterious energy to fulfill all the dreams of mortal creatures. Also you will be able to track your progress in the gallery.

You start the game as a magical creature that was born only a few moments ago and doesn’t know anything about itself. Using the advice of the master and the power of Wishboard, you will fulfill the wishes of the living. But do people really want their desires to be fulfilled? And is it possible to trust a new “friend”?

- More than 30 characters with diverse wishes

- You can decide which wish to fulfill

- Company mode for not one playthrough!

- Mode on time for relaxation

- Gallery with your progress 6d5b4406ea

Title: Wishmaster
Genre: Casual, Indie
Release Date: 21 Jan, 2016


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Translation is rough at times, but does not affect gameplay. Smooth interface with cute graphics, I love the art, reminds me of Atlus games. Very forgiving until the end of a level. Tile Mahjong with high beat music.. I like the idea of Wishmaster--visual novel crossed with match-3 gameplay--but the execution is lacking. The visual novel part is hampered by poor English, and the game makes no effort to explain the details of the game mechanics (such as how often your "lives" refill), but those are arguably forgivable flaws in a small indie.

What is more serious is the frustrating gameplay itself.

First, I learned only by accident that you can move in eight directions and that you don't have to create a match with every move. Somewhat of a departure from typical match-3 rules, but not a problem.

Unfortunately, the next thing I learned (again by accident) only added to the frustration. The board has numbers that indicate how many pieces are left to drop in that column. But as you're getting columns down to zero, sometimes the game needs to add pieces to ensure that you can make a match--and it does so by randomly dropping them in one or more columns that you had already brought to zero. This means you can't really plan on the arrangement of pieces as you make moves and reduce the overall number of pieces.

Finally, the kicker comes when you're down to your last few pieces. You think you're going to clear the board and win, and you make a match that leaves one piece or two matching pieces, figuring that the extra matching piece(s) will drop down at the side and slide over. But most of the time, one of these extra pieces actually drops on top of your remaining piece, creating an L shape, and you automatically lose because you can't move it.

Perhaps these problems might be solved by better explaining the mechanics with a brief tutorial and preventing the auto-lose dropping of pieces. Maybe I just don't grasp the nuances of this type of match-3 game. But I do think I've tried it long enough at this point.. Wishmaster is a textbook example of what NOT to do in a Match-3 style game that has a 'story mode' in it..

The player will begin each round with 10 columns of 19 icons each and as you match them up and exhaust each column, the board shrinks down making each move hold more weight. The round ends when the player:

1) Matches all icons on the board, clearing it
2) Runs out of turns
3) Runs out of viable moves.

More often than not, you will find that #3 is the most usual outcome of each turn followed closely by #2. Most Match-3's I have played have a tendency to have all the action going on on one side of the board or the other. After a few turns, one of the middle columns will affect the other side of the board and the action moves to the previously unused side. This tendancy is mirrored in "Wishmaster" as well; however, due to the fact that this game only has a finite number of tiles for each round this quickly becomes a detriment. To be fair, the game does try to toss out a few tiles to 'help" on occasion as you exhaust your columns, but more often than not this "assistance" only serves to make things worse. So, get ready to have quite a few rounds end with two tiles on the bottom and the third tile you need to finish the puzzle on top of one of the other two (and unmovable).

You also only have 3 attempts: PERIOD. Not 3 attempts at each puzzle - simply 3 attempts. Now, I could undertand if this were just in a quick-play mode, but this is the STORY MODE we're talking about; and there is nothing that makes me want to keep playing a game more than getting to Level 3 and then having to strat all over again from Level 1 because I wound up going "3 and Out". When you do find yourself starting all over again, you'll find yourself having to view the opening "story" without an option to skip through it (yeah, you can spam the space bar to speed the dialogue up, but some of us just want to cut to the chase).

All-in-all, save yourself some money and the aggrivation induced headache and just pass on this game. If you simply cannot live for one more second without an anime Match-3 game there are far better ones out there than this that you'd be better off playing instead of this one.. This game features some unusual elements for a Match-3-game:

  • you have to completely clear the board of all tiles to win the level
  • you have a finite number of moves to achieve this
  • you have a finite number of tiles reappearing per column (increases with level)
  • you can move tiles around without needing to match them
  • you can not only move tiles up, down, left, right, but also diagonally
  • you lose the level, when the last 3 tiles are not lined up, but in L-shape instead

I've played some Match-3-games before, but this one's truly a refreshing change in a world of almost identical games. Try it out, I didn't regret it!. What do spinach and anal sex have in common? If you were forced to have it as a kid you will hate it as an adult.. started off fine then after about 30 min game crashes and wont let you play again, even after a clean system reinstall and all updates same problem and no word from the dev in regards to a fix.....sorry but until something is done save your money and stay away. This game is awful.

The matching game is poorly made, and there isn't a whole lot of depth.

But holy hell

The poorly translated writing is HILARIOUS AND TOTALLY WORTH IT.. No thanks. Game is ok but I don't like the long scenes between levels that can not be skipped. Got my cards and can free up the hard drive space now so thats a plus.. I got this game at 0,10$ because i crafted lvl 5 csgo badge, and i got 90% discount on this game. A genuinely interesting and challenging match 3 game.
It also comes with a good story and great anime styled character graphics.

If it had a particular flaw or negative, it would be how surprisingly challenging the Match 3 levels were. You had a certain amount of moves, had to clear a certain amount of columns and THEN you have to get rid of all the ‘wishes’ on the board. Clearing it was sometimes difficult because of how the pieces fell and it is impossible to make a row when it has two on the bottom and one on top of them because there is no way to switch the pieces into a row.

But I found the challenge made it more interesting that way.

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