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About This Game

"With Loneliness" is an athletic VR game that aims to escape from "garbage world" by clearing obstacles.
This game includes climbing element,almost no parkour movement is required.

In order to break out of the world,You will use a hold and move yourself.
A Hold is basically a static thing that is on the walls.

Movement is not always easy.
Sometimes you need to instantly release a hold and sometimes grab it quickly.
There are also scenes where your control becomes important.
There are also scenes where stamina is needed.
In some cases, Instant judgement may be required.

Also,You are a weak existence.
In this world,obstacles are awaiting in order to prevent your escape.
Missiles,Chasing Unknown hands,Rotating Destructive lights,Falling trashes...etc.
Break through these many obstacles and achieve goals!

Number of stages

  • 1 dam
  • 2 Maritime
  • 3 Night and malice
  • 4 Inside the building
  • 5 Rocket Square

■While playing,the menu is open with the controller.
( "Menu button" on Vive Controller(L) or "X" on Oculus Touch )
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Title: With Loneliness
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 29 Apr, 2019


TL; DR: is a GREAT game that screams GIT GUD take it or leave it

This is one of those moments when it would be good for Steam to have a more neutral vote.

the game and its immersion are really great and its controls are simple and easy to understand but even so I did not have a really good experience, the learning curve is exessive, there is no intention of the game to explain what is what you are supposed to do even in the first level, you have to try several things to know if that is what the game wants you to do and with that you die several times forcing you to start over from the check point, return to the place where You died and try to get it right this time or try something different because you dont know if what you tried the first time was right. and that in a virtual reality game is exhausting.

to be honest, for the price I recommend you to try it. An Climber Game with an Abstract Art Style (and a Weird Title)
Not having played a climber-type game within the last 9-months (last one played was 'To The Top'), this game reminded me of why I enjoy them.

- An abstract, minimalist art style that makes you feel like you are on a different world, without getting distracted by how next-gen the world looks.
- Some backgrounds remind me of a PS VR game I played called 'Bound', and those metallic hands you stand on scream out the movie 'Logan's Run' to myself for some reason.
- Gameplay is challenging at times; hard but fair.
- Saves points are reasonably spaced out (although the wimp in me would love to save anywhere)
- The pricing for this game almost makes purchasing the game a no-brainer (unless you're feeling extra cheap).
- Maybe I haven't gotten far enough into the game yet, but the game title would not have made me think about a climbing game. The title weirdly adds some appeal to myself.
- Using Oculus Touch controllers, the hand orientation feels off by about 45 degrees. The good news is that it is mostly a visual distraction, and has no tangible effect on gameplay.
- On occasion, I felt confused on what to do next (e.g., how to open those blue double doors? just touch them. I tried jumping over the wall a few times before realizing that wasn't going to work).
- While the controls work well (grip, release), my own stupidity in forgetting to release one while grabbing the next gives me the false justification I need to list this as a Con.
- For how many times I've already died in this game, if I get one Achievement in this game, I'll be happy.

Overall (so far), a solid climbing game with responsive controls, a minimalist art style that accentuates its 'other worldliness', that is fun.

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