Lynch began to sing softly and solemnly in a deep bass voice: IMPLETA SUNT QUAE CONCINIT DAVID FIDELI CARMINE DICENDO NATIONIBUS REGNAVIT A LIGNO DEUS. He was the same--he was the same, and seen, this time, as he had been seen before, from the waist up, the window, though the dining room was on the ground floor, not going down to the terrace on which he stood. " I stood over him with my candle. Are you not weary of ardent ways? While sacrificing hands upraise The chalice flowing to the brim. yet--and yet!" There were too many things. Here at present I felt afresh--for I had felt it again and again-- how my equilibrium depended on the success of my rigid will, the will to shut my eyes as tight as possible to the truth that what I had to deal with was, revoltingly, against nature. The rain-laden trees of the avenue evoked in him, as always, memories of the girls and women in the plays of Gerhart Hauptmann; and the memory of their pale sorrows and the fragrance falling from the wet branches mingled in a mood of quiet joy. But as for the multitude of sermons ready printed and piled up, on every text that is not difficult, our London trading St. it appeared to me that we were all, at Bly, sufficiently sacrificed to make that venial. The conductor talked with the driver, both nodding often in the green light of the lamp. Said religion was not a lying-in hospital. In the roadway at the head of the street a slab was set to the memory of Wolfe Tone and he remembered having been present with his father at its laying.

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