Your web server and the search engines

Choosing a web server for your specific location will work best with your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. In that, customers in a geographic zone tends to feel more comfortable doing business with businesses in their region. Server location is very important to a business, it should be a crucial part of the decision making when developing the website.

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It’s best to know your target audience so you are better prepared to find a web server that fits your specific area. First, you would want to know why you should make sure your website is available where your potential customers are. The answer is that Google and the other top search engines usually provide results based on the business location set up in your webmaster account. Your SEO strategies should include custom setting your targeted country. That can be done by logging into each of your account setup with the three top search engines. Then accessing the query string listed here. Search Traffic > international targeting > country tab

In the case that you do not want your website associated with certain countries or region, then you could use the Unlisted option in the Google drop down menu. Once this is done Google will assign your website to a unilateral geographic location.

With the drop-down list on Google you can choose the countries you want to target, but it doesn’t allow you to choose a single continent or other specific geographic location. Also, if you are setting up your website location in your Google webmaster account, you do not have to worry about getting a dedicated server location. However, if you want to do business globally then a CDN (Content Delivery Network) is absolutely vital.

A CDN service comes with server nodes that can alternately be downloaded by the website users. CDN nodes are built to spread across virtual spaces on a global level while administering the website to customers located close by. Thus, the website users get a faster response in browsing and downloading contents.

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